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quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2015

FS2004 - Concorde Final Version-A 2011

The new 3d model of Concorde which include : a new nose shape, visor details, flight dynamics, complete real textures package -new PRE-PRODUCTION texture- clear textures for VC panels, special effects for wings´ vortices and fog, afterburner effects, landing lights´ animation linked to landing gears operation, animated visor for main 2D cockpit view, mach speed effect (Mr. Rob Barengredt´s). All controlled by xml gauges designed by the very tallented Mr. HANS ZUIDERVAART who also made a lot of adjustments to flight dynamics, (many thanks for his help !!!!), normal clickable gauges on VC (all in FS9, some in FSX), sound, VC, passenger's views, repositioned and complete lights, full animated parts, (pilot and copilot animation for rudder, elevator and landing gear operations), cabin door main and cargo doors, etc. 



- Full animated parts, using tipical commands.

- Extending landing lights: They will automatically extend: when still on the ground, turn on lights; when flying, extend landing gears and turn on lights.

- Open/close cabin door, press your TAILHOOK command.

- Passenger door: press ""SHIFT+E".

- Other doors: press ""SHIFT+E+2".

- Extending nose and visor for taking off, "F7" twice.

- Extending nose for first approaching procedure (not faster than 370 Knots): press "F7" once.

- Extending nose for second approaching procedure (not faster than 325 knots): press "F7" once again. 

- Extending nose for final aproach (270 Knots): press "F8" (full flaps).

- Now Visor on main 2D cockpit view is animated by these same controls!!!

- Crew's movements can be seen on exterior view and VC when operating rudder, elevator  and landing gears.

- Reverse: press "F2" just after touching (see animation on engines´exhausts).

- Engines´ intakes animated depending on throttle.

- Use "CTRL+J" and turn off engines to activate airports'service vehicles when parking.

Via MediaFire

Link Atualizado 10/2015

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